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eText Press was established in 2009 with but one aim: to de-mystify the publishing industry and help authors get professionally published. Today (in early 2015), we are proud that we have now helped more than 60 authors publish well over 100 eBooks, paperbacks and reference manuals. Our products are of the highest quality and stand up against any trade-published digital and hard copy books on the market. And what's more, we do it all for around half the cost of bigger printing houses. And in a fraction of the time! Our secret is that the entire publishing process – from editing to delivery of the printed books (or publishing on- line) can be completed 'in house'. This means a seamless, linear production process and removes the inevitable duplication (costs and time) encountered when trying to manage a project using numerous separate service providers (i.e. editing, typesetting, cover design, printing etc). We work one-on-one with you, the author, to make your work the very best it can be.