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Shepherd’s Crook

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Peter Ramshaw’s second published novel Shepherd’s Crook is now available as a trade-quality paperback. In the Western Australian desert in 1942, the murder of a rag-tag mining town’s most beautiful resident sets off a chain of events that no-one can foresee. Soon, more murders follow and long-suffering district police Sergeant John Shepherd and his tiny band of forgotten officers must find the killer before the town’s 6,000 residents start tearing each other apart. Terrified of imminent attack by Japanese warplanes, haunted by a peeper praying on the town’s women and wary of the growing influence of a suspected fascist group in their midst, the good people of Wiluna will face the most dramatic and dangerous week of their lives. Amid the turmoil, 9-year-old Ric Ashcroft and his fragile, disfunctional, family must fight their own inner battles. And Ric learns that he must endure the ultimate terror if he’s to become a man. Mystery, murder, robbery and a cast of oddball characters make Shepherd’s Crook the ideal read this holiday season. Here’s what some readers have said: “I thought weaving the psychological thriller, whodunnit, historical saga, ‘western’ and coming of age genres together this effectively was impossible. I was wrong. Ramshaw has done it ... in spades! In a landscape as bleak as anything drawn by Cormac McCarthy, he has created a mystery as compelling and entertaining as any by Chandler or the other ‘greats’ of detective fiction.” - International best-selling novelist John Harman
“What a sly twist! Bloody magic reading, thoroughly enjoyed it. The research must have been painstaking and the result is a top-notch thriller and a real vivid recreation of the era and environment to boot!” - Michael Kraszewski Buy a copy direct from the author by clicking the button above…. or grab copies online at