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Despite the booming market in digital books, eText Press believes there will always be a market for good traditionally printed titles too. We provide large and small print runs as well as print-on-demand (POD) paperback orders. POD We can prepare perfect covers and pages for your paperback book(s) and, using CreateSpace, make these available to the world online… or for you, as the author, to buy at cost price (typically just $3-4 per copy regardless of how many your order - from one copy upwards) plus postage. LARGER RUNS We have partnered with Australia's leading book printer to offer a true one-stop-shop publishing experience for the new (or republishing) author. Your book is designed and typeset to the most exacting industry standard and printed on deluxe paperback quality paper making it indistinguishable from those titles you see on the best- seller list at your local book retailer. The entire design, printing and delivery process can take as little as a month and cost less than $6 per copy* but our team of dedicated professionals work with you all the way providing proofs, feedback and encouragement at all times. Use the details on the contact page to ask us for more information and/or a meeting to discuss your special needs. Make your writing worth it! (*) Based on 500 books, 156 pages