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John Harman

International best-selling author of: The Bottom Line, Dangerous Assets, Money for Nothing & Called

to Account

“Like all writers I’m proud of my work, whether it’s in the shape of a current manuscript, or a book published many  years ago. Looking at many of the books published on eReaders, some of them best sellers, the last thing I wanted  when I decided to turn my books in to eBooks, was to have them appearing with typos, misspellings, whole paragraphs  misaligned, and lines of type cut off (believe me, I’ve seen it all, even for the so-called A-list authors). I was aware that there were people offering to take my manuscripts and convert them to eBooks for ten dollars a hit, but I knew I wouldn’t feel happy putting my work in the hands of someone who  would treat it with such disrespect.    So I was stuck. I couldn’t (well, didn’t want to) do the conversions myself – hey, I’m a writer yet I didn’t want my books appearing all  around the world as an untidy mess on Kindles, iPads and the rest. Luckily for me, I found Peter Ramshaw here at  eText Press Publishing. Peter, a writer himself, has had years of experience in publishing and as many years of  experience in IT. The two combined made him the ideal choice for me, as the sole focus at eText Press is quality.  Peter and his people at the company worked on the Word manuscripts of my books, converting them to beautiful  eBooks. In the process they came across a few typos even my publishers had missed.  Now my books are up on  Amazon Kindle’s sites around the world and they look great. Not a glitch in sight. Which means I continue to be proud  of them.” Preview/buy the eBooks we created for John on HERE.

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